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Front page of the Herald this morning: Coffee Alchemy on Addison Rd gets rated as one of Sydney’s top seven cafes. The cafes get rated for the coffee they serve not their decor.


We’re going to Mattias’ Birthday Brunch this morning and I rashly offered to make a cake – an orange and almond cake. So on Friday I did a bit of research and found that Claudia Roden’s recipe is widely acclaimed. I scanned the ingredient list, bought 2 oranges, 6 eggs and a packet of ground almonds from Banana Joes, brought it all home and forgot about it.

Until this morning.

I woke up, got Claudia out of the bookshelf, checked the recipe and she says “… boil the oranges (unpeeled) in a little water for nearly 2 hours …”.

“Oh,” I thought, “damn. I don’t have 2 hours for orange boiling.”

So, I’ve made the cake my way: zest of the 2 oranges into the beaten eggs, add the sugar and the juice of one of the oranges, added the almonds and the baking powder and then cut the remaining orange into small segments and distributed them across the base of the cake tin and poured the batter over the top. We shall see how it turns out!